Amy (suzukasetsuna) wrote in herbquete,

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i think i'm paranoid...

ok...this is getting weird. i always feel like somone is talking about me. and if that's not the case, then someone is always following me down the road. it seems that everyone drives right up against my bumper. it's creaping me out. i mean, i try not to be this way, but i just can't help but think, 'are they talking about me?' or 'why are they following me so closly?' or my favorite, 'what do they want? why are they looking at me like that?' gah!!!!! i hate being this paranoid. it's so stupid. i have no idea why i care what people think. the more i try to move away from pleasing other people and their ideals, the more i rely on what other people think. it's insane. gah!!!!
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