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i can't believe you believe this is butter

hey we're at robotics
it's the great 100-some hour work day
used to be 72 but hey that's how it goes
it's sort of early, but not really because we'll be up for a long time
the butter here is gross but the bread is cool
we have water
and moxie
and stuff
and chuck
chuck is cool
he's almost done, in the same way as my shoes are white, go figure
amy's hands smell like copper
mine are swollen and gross because paint thinner sucks
our poles are done, they're pretty, i like them, your father likes them, your aunt mary watches it every night on her vcr
we were on tv, on the 11 o'clock news, and mandad's toilet shirt was too, oh yeah, and chuck, and ashley's weird blue fingers, close-up stylie yeaaah
jesus-shit we're crazy-like
woah our control box rules, it's so ghetto
there's always more felt on the table, and on the control box too
shibby wants some speakermaphones, man is he ever annoying

interjection by amy h:
end interjection

sean has 9 pairs of safety glasses
okay, we're going to do something else now
we'll be back
oh yes, we will be back
e-mail us

-amy q
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